Sep 19

Admit One…The Gift of Reading

The Gift of Reading Event, reading writing connection, dyslexia

The Gift of Reading

Have you marked your calendars?   Invited your friends? Co-workers? Family?You are invited to share a wonderful (and very short) event to honor the work of Nancy Naylor and her crusade of almost thirty years to give the gift of reading to EVERY struggling reader! Come hear about the work of the Reading Writing Connection.  Meet the students.  Hear success stories and most of all… help give the gift of reading to a child. Can you imagine your life if you could not read?  The frustration? The embarrassment?  The struggle of every day?  This should not happen in today’s world.  This DOES NOT need to happen in today’s world.  We have the answer and the tools to create happy and successful readers.   Come and celebrate our work, the lives we change and the dedication of Executive Director, Nancy Naylor as she enters a new experience…retirement!

 When:  October 10th

Where:  The Michigan Theater, Mechanic St,  Jackson, MI

Time:  5:30 pm

Cost:  Free

See you there!