Nov 06

For Some Children A Volunteer is Not Enough

dyslexia tutoring

A world of possibilities

For a lot of children they will learn to read without any struggle.  For others the encouragement and time of a caring teacher or adult will improve their reading skills.  But for one out of every five children – they need specialized instruction.  They are dyslexic.  Many teachers and parents are not fully aware of what dyslexia looks like.  They erroneously believe that dyslexia is a just a reversal of letters or jumbled letters on the paper.   This is not true.  Your child might accurately see the letters in the correct sequence BUT then decoding the specific sounds of those letters and how they make words and sentences is the challenge.  All the volunteers and encouragement will not unlock the mystery of the English language for these children.  They become even more discouraged when even with this additional help they don’t seem to “get it”.  Their self esteem drops and they cannot wait to get out of school…for the day…or for their lifetime.


The Reading Writing Connection IS NOT:

  • a place where your child is read to
  • a place where volunteers try to help your child
  • a place where we help with homework
  • a place where your child is grouped with a variety of different learners

The Reading Connection IS:

  • a place where highly trained instructors work with your child one on one
  • a place where instructors meet your child where they are in their learning
  • a place where we move as slow (or fast)  as your child needs
  • a place where we recognize your child’s strengths and unique gifts
  • a safe place where your child can ask any question and receive a supportive and caring response
  • a place where your child succeeds… and gains self esteem
  • a place where your child feels good about learning

and most of all, the Reading Writing Connections provides PROVEN RESULTS IN EVERY STUDENT.

Call today if you want quality instruction with proven results.  Our methods are proven, successful and backed with scientific evidence.   We can answer your questions, evaluate your child and if  appropriate begin the one on one instruction to create a successful reader, learner and adult.   If we feel your child would be better served with a less intensive method we will gladly recommend alternative instruction.


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Jackson, MI 49203

P.S.  Did you know that Thomas Edison, General Patton and Steven Spielberg were all dyslexic?  Brillant and talented people with one challenge…that can be overcome.  Give your child the gift of reading… for a lifetime.