Feb 05

Tips to help you take exams

Exams bring out the worst in all of us but especially if you are Dyslexic.reading writing connection
Here are a few tips to make it  easier for you.

  • Before you do the exam you need to revise. Revise little but often.
  • When you start, first look through the paper and do the easiest question first,
    • then do the bigger questions and then
    • do the questions you will have difficulty with
    • Don’t rush to finish the exam. Correct answers are the aim not speed.
  • Read the question about 5 times before answering it. Make sure you understand it.
  • Have a spare piece of paper (or two) to write down some notes and make good use of it.
  • Take your time, its better to get the question right.
  • Answer the questions you know first, then
    • do the bigger questions, then
    • lastly, answer the questions you have difficulty with
  • When you have an essay question, write down your answers on your note paper and put them as bullet points.
  • In some exams you will have questions that need large amount of points, in regards to case studies.  You need to revise as many facts as possible.
  • A good way to answer questions that need many points is with bullet points
  • Remember to breathe, especially between questions.
  • Rest between the questions. Take a minute to think about your answer and to let the initial panic pass.
  • If you rush there may be issues with your structure and content. Clear thinking helps you plan the structure and content in your answers.

If you know your subject then you will feel better about exams. It is better to do your studying well in advance of the exam.
In this way you will be better prepared and hopefully a little calmer when exam day comes.